Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Wednesday Aug 26th
Condition Gym
Bike ride there
Joint Mobility
4 TGU each side 12kg(2)/16kg(2)
The 1 curcuit of
2 hand swings
???balancing row R
???balancing row L
Russian Twists
Clean and Press R
Clean and Press L
Burpee Deadlift


Sn. R/Sn. L/Sn R going up ladder 5 reps
do the ladder twice so that each arm Sn. each KB
all the way down to 1

Repeat curcuit minus the 2 handed swing

ride bike home and then walk Samson for 30 minutes.

Tuesday Aug 25th
Run Intervals
4x800 with 400 as recovery between sets.
3:25, 3:35, 3:34, 3:33
Total Run time 48 minutes

Monday Aug 24th
Gym Condition
Circuit x 3
2 handed swing
Renagade Rows
Russian Twists
See Saw Presses
?? Lunge
Goblet Squats
Alt Swings
(Not in this order, for the life of me I can not remember the order.) I do know Russian Twists were last because some one in the class did Burpees instead.
Bike to and from Also, 3 TGU each side

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Sunday August 23rd
1 hour 20 minutes

Saturday August 22nd
AM - Kettlebell workshop at Gym Condition - Easy work, most everything I knew. Learned one or two new pointers. Worked on swings (2hand, 1hand, and H2H), TGU (new hip extension), Clean, Press, and squat. Mini 5 minute workout. New joint mobility movements also.

PM - for 10 minutes - 3 - 16kg snatches right and left on top of every minute. Row 2k.

Friday August 21st
Run 50 minutes

Thursday August 20th
Off - long day of teaching and WP potluck dinner that evening.

Wednesday August 19th
1 t0 3 - 12 kg press and pull up ladders 5 times
7 minutes of 3 16kg snatches right and left on top of every minute.
Walked the dog - 45 minutes

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Tuesday Aug. 18th
5 minute intervals x 3
Total run time 45 minutes with cool down and recovery.

Monday Aug. 17th
Walked the dog

Sunday Aug. 16th
1 hour 15 minute run

5 min TGU
5 sets of:
5 Deadlift (32kg)
5 Presses (12kg) R/L
5 sets of:
5 one arm swings 12kg R/L
5 snatches 12kg R/L
5 one arm swings 16kg R/L
5 snatches 16kg R/L
Made it 3 sets with 16 kg snatches and then had to move to 12kg snatches for the entire then.
Grip work
Heavy KB - Hold then rest several times.

Friday Aug 14th
50 minute run

Thursday Aug 13th
Exhausted after teaching 8 classes - Off

Wednesday Aug. 12th
5 presse R/L
5 Pull ups Green band
for 5 rounds
9 snatches R then 9 L
on the minute for 7 minutes

Walked Samson 45 minutes

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Tuesday Aug. 11
Run 37 minutes

Monday Aug. 10
Rest Day

Sunday Aug. 9
Buggython 10k Course
53 minutes - total 1 hour and 9 minute run including warm up and cool down

Saturday Aug. 8
Deck of cards
One arm swings and Push Press

Friday Aug. 7
47:?? run to Chandler Park

Thursday Aug

Wednesday Aug 5th
Warm Up TGU
5 rounds of
20 2 handed swings
5 laps around back yard
10 Russian Twists
5 Push Ups

4 rounds
10 Squat Cleans Thrusts
10 Rows

Tuesday Aug 4
4 x 400 repeats
1:50, 1:45, 1:45, 1:42
Total run time 47 minutes

Monday Aug 3

Sunday Aug 2
1 hour run

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Saturday Aug. 1st
Strength Work
Overhead Press
45/5, 65/3, 75/1, 85/1

1/4 Murph
Run 400
25 Pull Ups
50 Pushups
75 Air Squats
Run 400
Time 12:52

4 minutes As Many Swings As Possible

Friday July 31
Pull Ups - went for 4 each round
Thrusters 45# - went for 4 each round
Sit Ups - 7 each round
Row - Total of 49 calories

I don't remember if I reach my goal each round or not but my score was 171 in the end.

Thursday July 30
Run to Chandler Park

Wednesday July 29
Last Kettlebell day.
Demonstrations during class subbed for my workout.
We taught the Russian Twist, Flip Squat Clean, and the Tatical Lunge