Thursday, February 19, 2009

On the Road Again

Thursday - Feb. 19
15 minute warm up on the road
2 sets of:
10 - 25 sec on / 35 sec off
With 10 minutes easy between sets.

2nd set got messed up by a nose bleed with no tissue. After 6 intervals I had to pull over and pinch my nose for 5 minutes to stop it from bleeding. Ended up doing tempo all the way home after I got it under control. Now my handle bars are a biohazard.

Total time out 1 hour and 15 minutes

Wednesday - Feb. 18
Ride hard to Fairhaven and back before the sun set - 40 minutes
Then Tabata Style Circuit
2 handed swing
Sit ups
Air Squats
Modified Pushups
8 rounds

Tuesday - Feb. 17th
Run 40 minutes. I was going to do intervals but my legs felt like lead so Samson and I just ran. Found a great hill near Cornwall Park that will be my interval training for the next set of intervals.

Monday - Feb. 16th

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Lazy Week

Sunday Feb. 15th
1.5 hour run
15 min Warm up
10 Tempo / 5 min recovery x 4
15 min Cool Down
PM - Yoga

Saturday Feb. 14th
2 hour bike ride
Rode to Lake Samish and back in 1 hour and 50 minutes.
Tooled around town after that.

Friday Feb. 13th
Warm up on the bike.
10 x 20 sec. hard/40 sec. easy
2 rounds with 10 minutes between sets
Rode bike home

Thursday Feb. 12th
OFF - Root canal day - walked the dog

Wednesday Feb. 11th
Mental Health Day - I just did not feel like working out.

Tuesday Feb. 10th
10 minute warm up
6 x 1/2 Broadway Park lap hard/1/2 easy
5 minute cool down

Monday Feb. 9th

Sunday Feb. 8th
1.25 hour run. Felt like crap

Saturday Feb. 7th
4.5 hour bike ride. Great ride up Alabama Hill, Y road, into Lynden, to Birchbay, and then headed home. Hit the wall about 3.5 hours into the ride.

Friday Feb. 6th
Off - Walked the dog.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Ramping it back up week....

Thursday Feb. 5th

Cycling Intervals:
2 sets of:
10 - 15 seconds hardest gear possible/45 sec rest
10 minutes recovery between sets

Wednesday Feb. 4th

Rollers - Balance 30 minutes
5 rounds of:
10 situps
5 pushups
5 rounds of
10 2 handed swings
10 Snatches (5 R/5 L)

1/2 Marathon training part II
Warm up 10 minutes.
5 rounds of:
1/2 lap of Broadway Park AFAP
1/2 lap of Broadway Park Recovery

Monday Feb. 2nd
Trainer Warmup
Steady riding 45 minutes
5 rounds of:
10 situps
5 pushups
30 seconds on 30 seconds off of:
2 hand swing
R arm snatch
L arm snatch
2 hand swing
R arm clean
L arm clean
2 hand swing
R push press
L push press
2 hand swing
R bent over row
L bent over row

1 hour walk

Saturday Jan 31
7 mile run in the sunshine.

Friday Jan 30
Road Bike Ride 2hours 3o minutes
Great tail wind to Birchbay
Heck of a head wind coming home (killer)
Felt like I had my road legs back again for the first time in a while.