Sunday, October 11, 2009

Sunday October 11th
Row 13003 meters to finish out the fall row challenge. It seemed alot easier this year than last year. I still have 4 days left to help our team get over 1 million meters.
Legs finally feeling better. Back to the 1/2 marathon training. I can't believe I screwed up my training so close to the event. This weeks' mile interval were important. I may need to find another 1/2 to do in December or January if I don't make my goal of a 1:45 1/2 on Halloween Day.

Saturday October 10th
Run 1 hour with 3 - 1 mile intervals.
SLOW.......I still have not recovered from the stupidity that over came me on Monday. Last we I was running a 7:30 for the mile intervals. I was doing good to get 8 minute miles.

Friday October 9th
I had to sub today and then Robby got invited out to Brickstore much for working out. I was tired anyway.

Thursday October 8th
Rowed ....7505 meters
Starting to feel better but I am still sore! could only average a 2:45/500m for the row.....Still way off.

Wednesday October 7th
Rowed....5,500 meters
Still very sore. Robby told me to do a slow recovery row. I could only pull a 3:00/500m. My legs would not let me go faster.

Tuesday October 6th
Off - I made stupid choice on Monday. So sore I can barely may take a while to recover from this.

Monday October 5th
Run to CFD
Row 2,884 meters
Back Squat 35lbs - 5x5
Then Jackie
1000m row - 4:00
50 - 45lb thrusters (I had no business doing this part - I should have scaled it down since I have not been doing this movement. I can only blame myself.)
30 - Black band pullups.
Run Home

I knew after 20 Thursters I had no business doing it prescribed but I kept going anyway. :( I am suprised I was able to run home.

Sunday October 4th
Run for 1/2 marathon training. 1:20:00

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Saturday October 3rd
Row 13,010 m - For fall row challenge......
Spiced up the time with
10 clean and presses
10 snatches
10 pushups
1000m at a 2:09 pace
Recover until I caught my breath
1000m at a 2:09 pace
Recover until I caught my breath
500m at 2:00 pace
500m recovery
500m at a 2:00 pace
500m recovery
250m at a 1:55 pace
750m recovery
250m at a 1:55 pace
750m recovery
1000m at a 2:20 - 2:18 pace
3km to finish out the hour....

Friday Oct. 2

Thursday Oct. 1
7,009 meters
Run 400m
20 16kg snatches
12 black band pullups (way easy)
3 rounds for time.

Wednesday Sept 30
Gym Condition
2 hand swing
Row R
Row L
Double presses
Alt. Swing
Russian twists

jump sqauts
I can never remember the order :(

Tuesday sept 29
2x1mile intervals
7:40 and 7:30
First one sucked.....

Monday sept 28
Clean and press alternating with pullups
7 minutes of
6 snatches R/L