Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Kettlebells and 1/2 Marathon Training

Tuesday July 28th
1/2 Marathon Training

Warm Up: 11:33
400m: 1:44
Recovery: 2:25
400m: 1:44
Recovery: 2:22
400m: 1:46
Recovery: 2:28
400m: 1:44
Recovery: 2:30
400m: 1:40
Recovery: 2:38
400m: 1:39
Cool Down: 9:03

Monday July 27
Clean and Press Sets
Snatch Practice
Teach and demonstrate in Kettlebell class

Sunday July 26
Long Run - 50 minutes
Got caught by the train - ended up walking for 25 minutes b/c Robby did not get caught by the train and he finished his run time. ......

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Saturday July 24th
Easy Day
Clean and Press (8kg) x 5
Pullups with Green Band x 5
4 sets

5 minutes of one hand swings with 8kg
Total Swings - 170

5 minutes of Snatch with 8kg
Total Snatches - 129

Friday, July 24, 2009

Friday July 24th
Off - Rest Day

Thursday July 23rd
Hog Mt. Run. 48 minutes in the AM
Crossfit Kids at Crossfit Decatur in the PM

Wednesday July 22nd
Napping Day
Before Kettlebell Class TGU into Windmills
During Kettlebell Class we were able to demonstrate movements and while Robby helped with correction in form I lead the class through a continuous movement workout.
30 seconds on and 15 seconds off
2hand swing
High Pulls
Clean and Press
Air Squats
Not necessarily in this order but those are the movements we went through twice.

Tuesdsay July 21st
Run Interval - Started training for 1/2 Marathon in October. I am excited. My goal is to set a 1:45 PR.
4 x 400 with 400 recover
1:42, 1:43, 1:43, 1:46 - Times should have been the other way around........ I have alot of work todo. I was running at about 90% effort. (at least it was some what cool that morning.)

45 minute walk with friends

45 minute Kettlebell lesson with a student in the class that missed the first week.

Monday July 20th
Taught Kettlebell class.
I can't remember if I did anything else. Monday is usually an active recovery day.

Sunday July 19th
Long Run to Candler Golf Course. I felt soooooo slow.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Seriously I have been gone for a while

Saturday - July 18th
50 KB swings
Run 400
40 KB Swings
Run 400
30 KB Swings
Run 400
20 KB Swings
Run 400
10 KB Swings
Run 400


5 sets of 2 strict pullups
3 sets of 5 kipping pullups

Friday July 17th

Thursday July 16th
40 minute run to Hog Mt. and through town

Wednesday July 15th
Taught KB class at Gordon

Tuesday July 14th
Run 30 minutes

Monday July 13th
Played tennis
Taught KB class
Played tennis

Sunday July 12th
50 minute run around Decatur

Saturday July 11th
KB press ladder
1 to 5 with 12kg for 5 sets
Pull up ladder with green band
1 to 4 x 5

500 swings for time. 20:19 12kg
Played tennis in the evening

Friday July 10th

Thursday July 9th
Run 30 minutes

Wednesday July 8th
Clean and Press ladders
4 sets of 1 to 4
1 set of 1 to 3
Snatch - 10 R / 10 L x 6
Taugh KB Class at Gordon

Tuesday July 7th
Ran 30 minutes - heat horrible in Decatur

Monday July 6th
Clean and press ladders
4 x 1 to 3
1 x 1 to 2
Snatch KB pratice
Taught KB class at Gordon

Sunday July 5th
Run for first time in GA - was going to do the 10k course in B'ville but the heat was so bad at 8 in the morning and Samson started coughing I cut it to 40 minute run.

Saturday July 4th
Clean and Press ladders at the track
4 sets of 1 to 5
1 set of 1 to 4
Alternated them with pullups.
Swing workout - 30 on 30 off for 10 minutes

Friday July 3rd
Unload truck in decatur

Thursday July 2nd
Took day off

Wednesday July 1st
Clean and press ladders
3 sets of 1 to and 2 sets 1 to 3
15 to 11 R and L down the ladder then switched to Swings for 10 to 1 Rested while Robby did his sets.

Tuesday June 30th
Run before breakfast - 29:01 in Missouri

Monday June 29th

Sunday June 28th

Saturday June 27th
Clean and Press ladders in St. Regis Montanna
3 sets of 1 to 5
2 sets of 1 to 4
Weighted Swing ladders
12, 16, 24 x 2
50, 40, 30 was the rep scheme.

Friday June 26th