Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Sept 8

Kettlebell workout.

Time to train myself again.

Light swings, around the body, snatch, halo, figure 8 hold.

5 ladders of 1,2 clean and press 16 kg with same # of pullups after each step.

5 rounds of

TGU right
TGU left

Rest 2 minutes
3 rounds of 30work:30rest
RH swing (12kg)
32kg Deadlift
LH swing (12kg)
TRX Pushups
16kg 2H swing
Double KB (12Kg) Burpee Clean
Double 8kg snatches
Sit ups

Rest 1 minute between each round

Total workout took about 1 hour

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

jul 22
All I can say is I can not wait until fall.......

10 minute easy jog
10 tempo
5 min recovery walk/jog
10 min tempo
5 min recovery
10 min tempo
10 min cool down

According to Map My Run
Tempo 1 - 1.21 miles at 8:05 pace
Tempo 2 - 1.32 miles at a 7:35 pace
Tempo 3 - 1.27 miles at a 7:54 pace

Friday July 23rd - Rest Day

Saturday July 24th - CFD Sport WOD
5 rounds...
Run 400
15 Hang Power Snatch 55#


Sunday July 25th - Home Gym Workout

WU with
1 TGU R/L 12kg
3 TGU R/L 16kg

5 sets of
10 swings with 8kg, 12kg, 16kg
No rest btwn weight - rest between sets

1 to 5 Ladder of
Clean and Press Full cycle 8, 12, and 16 kg. R/L
No rest btwn wt. - minimal rest btwn sets

1 to 5 Ladder of
Snatch R/L 8, 12, 16 kg
No rest btwn wt - minimal rest btwn sets

Row 5k

As much as I did not want to workout today this work out made me feel great!
Next week may be sporadic seeing as how I start back to a full time work schedule. There may be some early morning workouts in my near future.
Uggh b/c I am not a morning person.

If I can make it through next week I will have a recovery week to take it easy during workouts and not push the lactate threshold.

July 26th
4 rounds not for time
5 Pull Ups
25 Sit Ups

Basic Workout
Tabata - Situps uggg Oh well I guess i will do more.

DB Snatch R\L (20#)
Assisted Ring Dips

July 27th
90/60/30 Intervals x 7
Only 30 sec recovery for all because of time.

Clean out equipment closet in the blazing sun.......

July 28th


10 rounds Rx

July 29th and 30th
Spent all day on the 29th sweating to death in the equipment shed at work. I pulled everything out and put everything back in. A lot of trash and messed up equipment was disposed of.

Spent all day on the 30th in meetings and the heat finally caught up with me. I was fried mentally and opted to lay on the coach for time when I got home at 5pm.

July 30th
Slowest 5k I have ever run in 10 years...........Yes even slower than the one I ran for the first time.

I should not be too hard on myself though it was a tough trail run and I know what a trail does to a runner, especially a road one point I had to stop so that I could jump 2 feet straight down.

I guess I did not do too bad because I was the 3rd female and 1st in my age group.

Time was 28:20....with 2 ankle twists, 1 two (maybe 3) foot ditch, hundreds of roots, plenty of dirt, and one long hill of grass that was never ending. And I fit that into 3.1 miles. I promise you it felt longer than that.

I CAN'T wait until FALL and winter.

Aug. 1st

Ran 18 miles...............Well the last 6 were more like a shuffle........
I am tired.

I hope it is cooler next time I have to do a long run...

Aug. 2nd

Sometimes in training your wants get in the way of your needs. I wanted to run a race and do a long run all in the same weekend. I needed to do either one or the other or at least shorten my long run if I was going to race.

So, the result of ignoring the sensible training voice in my head has lead to injury.

I should have only run 2 hours and 50 minutes. Instead I went for mileage and ended up being on the road for 3 hours and 15 minutes.

Now I have to take a week off to let my Soleus relax. It has been a long time since I have done this and now to be honest I am pissed with myself for letting it happen..... angry.gif

So, no running, jumping, or anything else that will aggravate the Soleus.

unsure.gif Now where did I put that bag of frozen pineapple my leg is killing me.

Aug. 3rd

2nd day back to work. 9 - 30 minute classes. Alot of hopping, jumping, side sliding, skipping, jogging..............

Good news...the soleus has begun to relax. I really wanted to work out in the basic class tonight but I opted not to. I can easily get sucked into doing more than I planned....and this is suppose to be a recovery week.

Instead I watched and completed the Basic TRX workout video.

Planning to ease into the Basic WODs for the rest of this week while subbing anything for things that will aggravate the Soleus.

Aug 4th
Basic WOD

Run 800
then 8 rounds of
5 burpees
10 front squats (#45)

AMRAP in 20 minutes

Soleus okay. Still going to take it easy until all twinges of tight tendons and ligaments go away. Felt a little achy in the bottom of my foot which can come from a tight soleus pulling on the Achilles which attached to the bottom. Rolled it out with the "stick".

Aug. 5th
Basic WOD
Row 500
50 sit ups
row 400
40 situps
row 300
30 situps
row 200
20 situps
row 100
10 situps

Good stuff. I liked this workout.

Aug 6th
Off - It was a long week and I just wanted to take a shower when I got home from work.

Aug 7th
Awesome bike ride. To Stone Mt., around the Mt., back to Decatur, to the bike shop, then home.

32 miles

Aug 8
1 hour of a Rodney Ye Yoga Video - Vinyasa style.

Aug 9
Basic WOD
Karen 150 Wall Balls = 9:38

Aug 10

Run to Crossfit
10 minute warm up - then 10 rounds of 30 seconds as fast as possible 30 sec rest

Basic WOD
run 400
21 kb swings 16kg
12 ring rows

Wow, slow time. Not surprised though. I can wait until the weather breaks.

Aug 11

Aug 12
Basic WoD
Ran to CFD
Amrap in 20 minutes
200 m run
25 slam balls 20lbs.

Aug 13
Basic Wod
rode bike to the gym
Strict pullsups
then basic wod
4,3,2,1 minutes of
situps, pushups, step ups, thrusters
then run 1 mile
649 reps (i think)
7:46 mile run (i think)
ride bike home

aug 14
Run 2 miles
Basic team wod with Erin V.
Row 2000m
then Amrap of
50lb sandbag run
8 tire burpees.
22 minutes to complete.
We made 8 rounds.

Aug 15

Aug 16
Basic Wod

4 rounds:
Run 400
50 air squats
Time: 14:38

Able to do all air squats unbroken.

100 situps to finish

Aug 17

10 minutes jogging warm up
Then 15 rounds of 30 sec. sprint/30 sec. rest
5 minute cool down.

Planned to do Basic at 5:30 but class was too big for me to fit into. I guess since I am the trainer's wife I get the first boot. Oh well, at least I got my running workout in and today at school is my busy day with 9 - 30 minute PE classes. I take it as a sign that I was not meant to do it. Hopefully tomorrow class will have room for me.

Aug 18
Sport WOD
In 1 Minute you will complete as many ThrustersM#95/W#65 as Possible
In 2 Minutes you will complete as many Pull-Ups as Possible
In 3 Minutes you will complete as many Sit-Ups as Possible
In 4 Minutes you will complete as many Row for Cal as possible
In 5 Minutes you will complete as many Burpees as Possible
There are no Rests between exercises
Score = Total Reps

Aug 19
Recovery Day

Aug 20
Sport WOD
In 3 minutes run 400 M

With remaining time Complete as many Reps as Possible of:
Round 1 Russian KB Swing M24KG/W16KG
Round 2 Alternating KB Single Arm Push Press M24KG/W16KG
Round 3 Goblet Squats M24KG/W16KG
Round 4 Alternating KB Single Arm Push Press
Round 5 Russian KB Swings
Score = Slowest Run/ Total Reps

Loved this one!

Aug 21
Sport WOD For Time:

* 400m Sand Bag Run 40
* 50 Pull-ups
* 40 Front Squats (65)
* 30 Lateral Burpees over parallete
* 20 Power Cleans (65)
* 10 Thrusters (65)
* 400m Sand Bag Run 40


Wow, a whole week with out logging.....

Aug 22 - Sunday
1 hour walk the dog

Aug 23 - Monday
Crossfit Basic Class - Run 400 + front squats, run 400 + push press, run 400 + Thruster, run 400 + thrusters
Slowest run 2:08 other runs were 1:48ish. My slowest run was the first one........then something like 40 FS, 50 PP, 20 thrusters, 20 thrusters

Aug 24 Tuesday
11 minute time trail after 5 minute warm up. Made it from red light on S. Columbia to Bucher drive on Avery. Going under the bridge and down sycamore to the school.....

Aug 25 Wednesday
Felt bad today.
Row 500
5 rounds of
15 20# dumbell bench presses
15 Ring Rows
Row 500 to finish

Aug 26 Thursday -
Run in the rain at 5am
30:30 x 4 rest 2 minutes and repeat 2 more times.
Run home

Walk to Marta station in PM to head to the High for the Dali exhibit.

Aug 27 Friday

Aug 28 Saturday
KB warm up
1 to 3 ladders x 5 with 16 kg clean and press.
9 minutes - 16kg 2handed swings. 210 swings.
30 minute walk the dog.

Aug 29 Sunday
3 rounds of:
10 TRX squats
10 TRX Pushups
10 Heavy KB Deadlifts
10 TRX Body Rows
10 Pistols with TRX 5 each leg
10 12kg Presses 5 each arm
10 TRX Knee Tucks
10 12kg Windmills

Aug 30
Sport WOD
Row 500
As many squats as possible while other team rows.
5 rounds.....
See blog.

Aug 31
30 minutes of running behind Robby trying to catch him at 5 am......At least he turned around a couple of times. smile.gif

Dead dog tired today. Leg pain set in by mid day from Monday's workout.

Sept 1 Wednesday
Basic WOD - Tabata rounds of
Air Squats
Air Squats

Sept 2 Thursday
Run at 5am with Robby 28 minutes....

Sept 3 Friday

Sept 4 Saturday
Run for Ret
15 BW deadlifts
then 3 rounds of:
Run 800
15 pushups
Run 800
15 burpees
Then run 200
15 BW deadlifts

Sept 5 Sunday
Ride bike for 2 hours (AM)
Walk Dog for 30 minutes (PM)
I think I am coming down with something.......I slept most of the day and I am sore all over and feeling a little feverish. I don't have a thermometer to take my temp so I don't know if it is just allergies dragging me down or a fever.

Sept 6
5x1 16kg press
5 rounds of:
5 r/l 16kg snatch
30 swings (various combinations)
10 TRX squats
10 TRX body rows
10 TRX Pushups

100 situps to finish

Sept 7 Tuesday
28 min run
with a 12 min tempo in the middle.
Map my run says I made it 1.5 miles with a 7:34 pace.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

July 21st

Run to gym (15 minutes)
530 basic warm up of rowing and med ball ab work.
Nice easy 5 rounds of
10 box jumps
15 16kg Russian Swings
Run back home

Great easy day. Ready to hit hard on my run intervals tomorrow.

July 19th
KB Press Ladders
1-4,1-4,1-3,1-3,1-3 (12kg)

10 rounds of
Swing until partner is finished doing 15 pushups
10 pushups while partner swings.

July 20th

10 min warm up running
6 sets of
90-60-30 hard 1:1 of hard effort/rest
5 minutes cool down

Ride bike to gym
A few windmills
Strict Pull Ups
5 sets of tuck sits
Ride bike home

July 18th
20 mile bike ride. Good stuff.
I miss riding my bike.

Saturday July 17th

4 M run in a race......
about 1.5 minutes off of where I should be.
Finished in 31:30.

Yeah, I have some work to do and less icecream to eat.

July 16th
Should have stayed home today..........

Basic WOD
100 DU for time = 4:30 something minutes

Partner WOD
15 db bench press
Mt. climbers while the other person was bench pressing
8 rounds completed.

My shoulders, back, and arms are toast.

Thank goodness tomorrow is a rest day. Hopefully I will recover from the beating in time to have a simi decent run on Saturday. However, I heard it was a hilly route. We shall see.

July 14th

Ride bike to gym
Work on strict Pull ups

Sport WOD
1:1 Ladder of:
Box Jump
Kettlebell Swing
for 10 minutes

Made it to step 13.

Rest 2 minutes

Go back down the ladder for time.

Ride bike home.

July 11th - off (travel day)

July 12th - 5 sets of 4 strict pullups and 5 sets of 45 lb overhead press........then 10minute running warm up.

Tabata Sit Ups - 70 (I just can't seem to do these fast like everyone else....)

run 300 m (down the hill then up the hill)
10 pushups
in 20 minutes
7 + compete run.

Walk back to the hotel.

July 13th
10 minutes of running at 10mph at 2%incline
90 seconds at 7:30 pace/90 seconds rest (easy jog)
60 seconds at 7:00 pace/60 seconds rest
30 seconds at 6:40 pace/30 rest
---------repeat 5 times
on 5th set I pushed the 30 second run down to a 6:00 pace on the treadmill.
Walk back to the hotel........(yeah I ran on a treadmill....i don't like running intervals on unfamiliar roads.)

July 10th

48 minute run....
would have gone longer but Samson was done and started to slow down because of the heat.

50 situps
50 pushups

July 9th
Ride bike to the gym (2 miles)
5 sets of as many strict pull ups as possible.

Basic Class workout
Warm up
250 m row/situps during time it takes your partner to row 250m
repeat 2 times

AMRAP in 20 minutes
5 db presses (10lbs)
10 db push presses
15 slamballs (15 lbs rds 1-5, 20lbs rds 6-12)
12 rounds total

cooldown - stretching
and Row 2k

Ride bike home. (2 miles)

July 8th

Recovery day...........

Beside running and playing with my Kindergarten fitness class I have 4 days a weeks today was an easy day.

July 7th

Ride bike to Kinko's and back to the gym....Maybe 5 miles total.

Warm up with Basic Class

10 minutes of
Run 800 (4:08)
5 Pushups
10 Squats (10 rounds)

Rest 2 min

10 minutes of
Run 800 (4:07)
5 Burpees
10 Reverse Lunges (6 rounds)

Cool Down with a few sit ups

Ride bike home.

July 6th

Ride bike to gym.
Run to eye doctor to get glasses fixed.
Run back to gym.

Basic Workout for me today......
suitcase deadlifting
Get Up sit ups

I did a lot of them. Score was of no concern today. Just needed a good workout.

Ride bike back home.

Got off the 5/3/1 strength program last week and have yet to get back on.......I need to fix that.

Monday - June 28th - tubing and hiking in North GA....very fun day.

Tuesday - June 29th - Sport WOD at CFD - 20 min AMRAP of 1 mile run (6:40), 20 double unders, 10 lateral burpees (4 + 10 reps)

Wednesday - June 30th - Run to gym, 5 sets of 5 pull ups (strict) then Sport WOD of 6 rounds of tabatas row, situps. Repeat 3 times - 41/60, 41/59, 40/55 (calories rowed/situps), Run Home.

Thursday - July 1st - OFF - Psychologically not with it today......big run coming up this weekend so...

Friday - July 2nd - 10 min easy run, 15 minutes of 10K tempo running, 10 min easy run. Still kind of blah today.

Saturday - July 3rd - 1 hour bike ride then Sport WOD - 20 minute AMRAP of 10 db bench press, 100' weighted lunges. Took it very easy....only got 5 rounds. Saving my legs for Sunday.

Sunday - July 4th - 2.5 hour run - Able to make it 15 miles which was my goal. Very good run, only chaffing was from front of the sports bra. No hot spots other than that. Longest run ever! After this run I think the Marathon goal will be doable in less than 4 hours. I am going to have to figure out how to maintain fuel as my monthly runs get longer though. Craving a big burger afterwards.

Monday - July 5th - Active recovery - 8kg kettlebell - 5 rounds of 10 swings right, 10 swings left, 10 clean and press right, 10 clean and press left. Finished with a little KB juggling practice. Flips and clean and snatch flips. Sit ups. No soreness from yesterday's run. Just felt a little run down and had absolutely no intensity or desire to workout.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Way Long Time

Six months later.........
Well, I have been running alot and doing workouts at Crossfit Decatur. I even started to do a strength program but I am going to stick with things that compliment my running.

Right now I am working towards a Marathon. So far, my longest run has been 15 miles. I have a ways to go.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Yet another long spell of no logging.

Friday 1/22
DJM - Dynamic Joint Mobility
5 minutes of TGUs 12kg and 16kg
DL - 135 x 5, 155x5, 140x5
Sore today did two pullups and decided to stop and take the day off.

Thursday 1/21
TGUs 4 total
8, 12, 16 kgs
100 swings each then
100 snatches each
16kg - 5:oo
12kg - 4:30
8kg - 4:00

Wednesday 1/20
DL 135x5, 135x5, 175x5, 160x5
3 sets of 7 kipping pullups
5 rounds of
6 pushups
6 ring row with feet elevated
Suitcase walking lunges (12kgs) for 2 of the sets
Pistols for the other 3 sets. (5 per leg) Able to do unassisted. :)

Tuesday 1/19
Running Day 4 1 minute tempos with 1 min rest between each Total run was 28 minutes
KB core work after recovery
2 Windmills R/L
50 Russian Twists
6 Pushups
3 sets

Monday 1/18
DL 135 x 5 (2), 165x5, 145 x 5
C&P 1 to 2 alternating with Pullups 5 sets
3 minutes as many Clean and Jerks (16kg) 26 singles
3 minutes as many 2Hswings (16kg) 99 swings
Ran to and from the gym

Sunday 1/17
Ended up taking the day off for rest

Saturday 1/16
7 mile run with Erin - Slower than usual pace (AM)

KB work with Robby (PM)
2 TGU per side
10 Burpee Cleans (12kg)
30 2 hand Swings (16kg)
10 Double Snatch Lunge (8kgs)
30 2 hand swings (Double 8kgs)
3 rounds (25 minutes)

Friday 1/15
Took the day off

Thursday 1/14
135x5 Deadlift warmup
160x5 and 145x5
double clean and Press (16kg)
1 to 3 ladders (4 sets) alternating with Pullups

Wednesday 1/13
Run 400
21 kb swings (16kg)
12 Pullups (kipping)

Tuesday 1/12
Run to Gym with sprint outs in it.
Dead Lift - 135 x 5, 155 x 5, 140 x 5
12 kg and 16 kg double clean and jerks
5 reps on top of the minute for 6 rounds. Alternate between the 2 weights
Strength - Strict Pullups 4,3,3,2
Run home

Monday 1/11
Off Recovery from HKC

Sunday 1/10
HKC - Full day of Swinging, TGUs, and Goblet Squats.
Passed the tests. I am offically and HKC instructor. :)

Saturday 1/9
Only deadlift today 165x5 and 150x5

Friday 1/8
Off - Cold and Snowy

Thursday 1/7
Deadlift 160x5 and 145 x 5

Wednesday 1/6
155x5 and 140x5
Double clean and press - 5x5 (16kg) alternating with Pullups 5x5
Pistols 3x5 assisted with pushoff.
Weighted Swings 30 seconds per bell
12, 16, 24 Up and down the ladder......

Tuesday 1/5
38 minute run with 5 sets of 30:30

Monday 1/4
DL - 150x5 and 135x5
C+P Ladders 1 to 3 and 1 to 2 (4sets) alternating with pullups
Goblet Squats 5x5
Conditioning 30:30
16 kg swings
Burpee Dead Lifts
12 kg snatches
5 rounds

Sunday 1/3
1 hour and 20 minute run

Saturay 1/2

Friday 1/1
35 minute run and Strength work

Thursday 12/31
10 KB dead lifts
10 Box Jumps
10 Pullups (band assisted)
10 Wall Balls
(5 rounds)

Wednesday 12/30
Max out Strength Day
Dead lift - worked up to a 205 PR
Press - Worked up to 90 lbs.

Tuesday 12/29
Run 30:30 4 sets

Monday 12/28
strength with Robby
Pistols, ring dips, and pullups.......

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Wow, it has been while....

I have still been working out but have neglected logging it all online. So, here is what I can remember.

Sat. Dec. 26

Dynamic Warmup followed by 16kg TGU/3 on each side
Conditioning Curciut
20 H2H
10 Jerks (started with 12kg and had to go down to 8kg)
20 2H Swings
10 Pushups
10/10 one arm swing r/l
10 air squats
20 2H swings
10 Russian Twists
(5 rounds for time)
Took something like 29 minutes

Friday Dec. 25
Dynamic warmup
6 sets of
3 clean and Presses each side
5 goblet squats
Pullups - 3 sets of 2 - Bar at kids playground was a challenge due to thicker bar and narrow grip.
One set of 16 kg snatches .....stopped there.

Thursday Dec. 24th
Run 27 minutes
Meet up with Robby and fast 20 minute run
total 47 minutes. Felt good to run fast.

Wednesday Dec. 23rd
Dynamic warmup
Assisted pistols - 5 sets of 5 per leg
Snatch ladder - 15 to 1 recovery while robby did his.

Tuesday dec. 22nd
5 TGU - 16kg r/l
1 to 5 ladder of
clean and press
goblet squat
3 times
8 rounds of run 400 and 20 swings

Monday dec. 21st
recovery day

I don't remember

Saturday dec 19
Run with Erin - 7 miles - 1 hour

Friday dec 18
KB workout of clean and presses and pullups
Goblet squats, TGU......

Thursday Dec 17
Off - expedition night at school

Wednesday dec 16
I did something with kb

Tuesday dec 15
worked out at robby's gym... created my own kb workout

Monday dec 14

Sunday dec 13
Goblets and Pulls
then 15 minutes of weighted swing ladders
One arm
2 times

sat dec 12
Kb with Robby and 37min run

Fri dec 11

Thursday dec 10
KB with Erin
10 x 10 swing
then a circuit

Wed dec 9
KB and row 10k

Tue dec 8

Mon dec 7
KB with Robby and 20 minute run

Sun dec 6
20 min run and 10k row

Sat dec 5
28 min run and 10k row

Sat dec 4
Condidtion VO2 max 36:36 for 17 rounds

thur dec 3

Wed dec 2
Row 10k

tues dec 1
nov 30, 29, 28

fri nov 27
5x5 goblet squat and I am sure I did other things.

thurs nov 26
40 minute run.....knee hurt

Wed Nov 25
bike 1 hour
SNatch vo2 15:15 for 20 minutes

Tues Nov 24
run 15 min
c and p
russian twist
Run 15 minutes

mon nov 23

Sunday nov 22
kb work and row 30 min

sat nov 21
1:30 run - knee pain.....had to stop running.

fri nov 20
walk lunge, dips, slambags........

Thurs Nov 19
CFD - situps and running.

Wednesday Nov 18
Condition gym

Tues Nov 17

Mon Nov 16
1 min work / 30 sec rest
2hand swing
sit ups
Pushups or pullups
5 rounds of it.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Sunday Nov 15
Long Run - 9.8 miles

Saturday Nov 14
Row 1hr 10 minutes - 14686 meters
5 - 5 minute tempos with 5 minute recovery

Friday Nov 13
Kettlebell - Press and Flex Arm Hangs
12,11,10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1 - 12kg Snatch

Thursday Nov 12

Wednesday Nov 11
Long Run - 1 hour 40 minutes

Tuesday Nov 10
Clean and Press ladders alternating with pullups
30 minutes row
4x5 deadlift
3x5 press

Monday Nov 9
4 rounds of
Run 400
30 situps
15 kb swings

Sunday Nov 8
1 hour run

Saturday Nov 7
1 hour row - 4 x 5 min tempos with 5 min recovery

Friday Nov 6
Warm Up
TGU with windmill
Clean and Press ladders alternating with Pullups
1 to 3 for 4 sets
1000 meter row
500 meter row
10 pushups
10 sit ups
10 kb swings
x 5 sets

Thursay Nov 5
Off - Very tired

Wednesday Nov 4
Condition Gym Circuit

Tuesday Nov 3
30 minute Row

Monday Nov 2
30 minute run

Sunday Nov 1