Sunday, September 27, 2009

Sunday September 27th
1 hour and 10 minutes
Developed a water blister on toe. Note to self: don't wear those socks again.

Saturday September 26th
Row 12k meter to catch up for the Fall row challenge. Currently at 40k meters. Goal is 100k by Oct. 15th

Friday Sept. 25th

Thursday Sept 24th
Gym Condition Circiut.
4 TGU - 2 = 12kg and 2 = 16kg
30 on 30 off
2handed swings (16kg)
Renegade Rows (12kg)
Alternating swings (16kg)
Suit case deadlift (2-20kg)
Russian Twists (12kg)
Sqaut Press (R) (16kg)
Squat Press (L) (16kg)
(I think there was one more exercise but I can't remember)
Ride bike to and from class
Walked to Oakhurst Village for Jazz but they were not playing anything and we came home. Everyone was there but no one was playing music....and we came in the middle of the event.

Wednesday September 23rd
Double Clean and Press 12kg ladders
1 to 3
Alternating with strick pullups (1 or 2 at a time)
5 minutes of 6 - 16kg snatches r/l on the minute


3 rounds of:
Run 800 meters
Tabata Row for Calories

3:40 / 56
4:02 / 54
4:06 / 53

Lots of Yoga afterwards. Hamstring tight.

Tuesday September 22nd
Easy recovery run after 10k weekend.
45 minutes

Monday September 21st
Clean and Press a little with assisted pull ups
5 minute 16kg snatch test.
100 reps with 6 seconds to spare. :)
Row 3,500 meters for Fall Row Challenge

Sunday September 20th
Day off I think.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Saturday September 19th
Not too bad. I ended up being 2nd overall. I would really like to get that down to 45 minutes or less. I guess I better keep a better eye on what I eat.

Friday September 18th

Thursday September 17th
Row 30 minutes
6,313 m (very easy row)

Wednesday September 16th
Condition Gym - Kettlebell Circuit 45 minutes total
16kg 2 hand swing
Burpee Deadlift (2-20kg)
16kg hand to hand swings
Warrior Pushup
See Saw Presses
One legged Row R
One Legged Row L
Kettlebell Squat
Row 30 minutes
6,029 m (very easy row)

Tuesday September 15th
30 minute Jog

Monday September 14th
Clean and Press Ladder 1 to 3
Alternate with Pull Ups
5 mintues of 5 snatches R and L at the top of each minute.

Sunday September 13th
1 hour and 20 minute run

Saturday September 12th

Friday, September 11, 2009

Friday September 11th
Full body joint mobility then easy warm up with squats...
In 3 minutes run 400 m then as many 12kg KB snatches as possible
Rest 1 minute
5 rounds
1:35 - 35
1:37 - 31
1:39 - 24
1:40 - 23
1:36 - 25

Yoga Joint Mobility

Thursday September 10th

Run 400
20 - 16kg Snatches
Run 400
20 - 16kg Snatches
Run 400
20 - 16kg Snatches
Run 400
(Took it easy) Yoga and joint mobility after

Wednesday September 9th
Rode bike to Gym Condition
3 rounds of 30 on/30 off
20kg swing
12kg 1 legged row
16kg hand to hand
12kg press R
12kg press L
Sumo Dead Lift (Double 20kg)
I think I left something out
Ride Bike Home
30 minutes of Yoga and joint mobility when I got home and was still warm.

Tuesday September 8th
5 min tempo / 3 minutes recovery
x 5
Yahoo! Last week for this.
30 minutes of Yoga and joint mobility

Monday Sept. 7th
Clean and Press
8kg R 12kg L
12kg R 8kg L
Pull Up inbetween each set

20 seconds R/20 seconds L/20 seconds Rest
10 minutes total
Row 2K
30 minutes of Yoga

Sunday Sept. 6th
Off - felt bad Might have over done it Saturday
Yoga and joint mobility

Saturday Sept 5th
Run 2.5 miles
clean and press ladders
Alternating with Pullups (green band)
8 minutes of 4 16kg snatches R/L on each minute
Row 5K
Run 2.5 miles home
Yoga and joint mobility

Friday Sept. 4th
Off - I think I walked the dog.
30 minutes of Yoga and joint mobility

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Thursday September 3rd
Run 45 minutes. Ended with tempo.
Robby lead me through yoga to help with the hamstring.

Wednesday Sept. 2nd
Gym Condition
3 TGU R/L alternating
2 rounds of
20 swings
4 clean and presses R/L
4 Renegade Rows R/L
5 one leg dead lift R/L
8 snatches R/L
Memory Kettlebell

Tuesday Sept 1st
4 x 5 minutes
Total run time 49 minutes

Monday 31st
Kettlebell Snatch Practice
Warm up with TGU into Windmill 5 per side alternating
2 to 4 clean and press ladders same number of strict pulls between each step. 5 sets.
on the minute 4 - 16kg snatches per arm for 5 minutes.

Sunday Aug 30th
1 hour round with short sprint outs.

Saturday 29th
Play around teaching my friend how to swing and press. Wanted to the TGU but the grass was wet. Active recover day really.

Friday Aug 28th
5 minutes - As many snatches with 16kg as possible.
100. Oh my I finished the last rep with 2 seconds to spare.
30 minute run with Samson.

Thursday Aug 27th

Wednesay Aug 26th
Gym Condition
5 TGU per side
1 set of 8 different exercises.
then a weighted levels of snatches
8kg right 5
12kg left 5
16kg right 5
(then repeat starting with left)
Keep going until you get to 1....
1 set of 8 different exercises
joint mobility.