Wednesday, July 21, 2010

July 21st

Run to gym (15 minutes)
530 basic warm up of rowing and med ball ab work.
Nice easy 5 rounds of
10 box jumps
15 16kg Russian Swings
Run back home

Great easy day. Ready to hit hard on my run intervals tomorrow.

July 19th
KB Press Ladders
1-4,1-4,1-3,1-3,1-3 (12kg)

10 rounds of
Swing until partner is finished doing 15 pushups
10 pushups while partner swings.

July 20th

10 min warm up running
6 sets of
90-60-30 hard 1:1 of hard effort/rest
5 minutes cool down

Ride bike to gym
A few windmills
Strict Pull Ups
5 sets of tuck sits
Ride bike home

July 18th
20 mile bike ride. Good stuff.
I miss riding my bike.

Saturday July 17th

4 M run in a race......
about 1.5 minutes off of where I should be.
Finished in 31:30.

Yeah, I have some work to do and less icecream to eat.

July 16th
Should have stayed home today..........

Basic WOD
100 DU for time = 4:30 something minutes

Partner WOD
15 db bench press
Mt. climbers while the other person was bench pressing
8 rounds completed.

My shoulders, back, and arms are toast.

Thank goodness tomorrow is a rest day. Hopefully I will recover from the beating in time to have a simi decent run on Saturday. However, I heard it was a hilly route. We shall see.

July 14th

Ride bike to gym
Work on strict Pull ups

Sport WOD
1:1 Ladder of:
Box Jump
Kettlebell Swing
for 10 minutes

Made it to step 13.

Rest 2 minutes

Go back down the ladder for time.

Ride bike home.

July 11th - off (travel day)

July 12th - 5 sets of 4 strict pullups and 5 sets of 45 lb overhead press........then 10minute running warm up.

Tabata Sit Ups - 70 (I just can't seem to do these fast like everyone else....)

run 300 m (down the hill then up the hill)
10 pushups
in 20 minutes
7 + compete run.

Walk back to the hotel.

July 13th
10 minutes of running at 10mph at 2%incline
90 seconds at 7:30 pace/90 seconds rest (easy jog)
60 seconds at 7:00 pace/60 seconds rest
30 seconds at 6:40 pace/30 rest
---------repeat 5 times
on 5th set I pushed the 30 second run down to a 6:00 pace on the treadmill.
Walk back to the hotel........(yeah I ran on a treadmill....i don't like running intervals on unfamiliar roads.)

July 10th

48 minute run....
would have gone longer but Samson was done and started to slow down because of the heat.

50 situps
50 pushups

July 9th
Ride bike to the gym (2 miles)
5 sets of as many strict pull ups as possible.

Basic Class workout
Warm up
250 m row/situps during time it takes your partner to row 250m
repeat 2 times

AMRAP in 20 minutes
5 db presses (10lbs)
10 db push presses
15 slamballs (15 lbs rds 1-5, 20lbs rds 6-12)
12 rounds total

cooldown - stretching
and Row 2k

Ride bike home. (2 miles)

July 8th

Recovery day...........

Beside running and playing with my Kindergarten fitness class I have 4 days a weeks today was an easy day.

July 7th

Ride bike to Kinko's and back to the gym....Maybe 5 miles total.

Warm up with Basic Class

10 minutes of
Run 800 (4:08)
5 Pushups
10 Squats (10 rounds)

Rest 2 min

10 minutes of
Run 800 (4:07)
5 Burpees
10 Reverse Lunges (6 rounds)

Cool Down with a few sit ups

Ride bike home.

July 6th

Ride bike to gym.
Run to eye doctor to get glasses fixed.
Run back to gym.

Basic Workout for me today......
suitcase deadlifting
Get Up sit ups

I did a lot of them. Score was of no concern today. Just needed a good workout.

Ride bike back home.

Got off the 5/3/1 strength program last week and have yet to get back on.......I need to fix that.

Monday - June 28th - tubing and hiking in North GA....very fun day.

Tuesday - June 29th - Sport WOD at CFD - 20 min AMRAP of 1 mile run (6:40), 20 double unders, 10 lateral burpees (4 + 10 reps)

Wednesday - June 30th - Run to gym, 5 sets of 5 pull ups (strict) then Sport WOD of 6 rounds of tabatas row, situps. Repeat 3 times - 41/60, 41/59, 40/55 (calories rowed/situps), Run Home.

Thursday - July 1st - OFF - Psychologically not with it today......big run coming up this weekend so...

Friday - July 2nd - 10 min easy run, 15 minutes of 10K tempo running, 10 min easy run. Still kind of blah today.

Saturday - July 3rd - 1 hour bike ride then Sport WOD - 20 minute AMRAP of 10 db bench press, 100' weighted lunges. Took it very easy....only got 5 rounds. Saving my legs for Sunday.

Sunday - July 4th - 2.5 hour run - Able to make it 15 miles which was my goal. Very good run, only chaffing was from front of the sports bra. No hot spots other than that. Longest run ever! After this run I think the Marathon goal will be doable in less than 4 hours. I am going to have to figure out how to maintain fuel as my monthly runs get longer though. Craving a big burger afterwards.

Monday - July 5th - Active recovery - 8kg kettlebell - 5 rounds of 10 swings right, 10 swings left, 10 clean and press right, 10 clean and press left. Finished with a little KB juggling practice. Flips and clean and snatch flips. Sit ups. No soreness from yesterday's run. Just felt a little run down and had absolutely no intensity or desire to workout.

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